When can children stop using car seats?

Answer Infants outgrow infant car seats when they are at least 1 year old and 20 pounds. From there, they will move into forward facing car seats. These are necessary until the child is around 4 years of ... Read More »

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What age can children stop using child seats?

it depends where do u live the laws r different evrywhere While you should always take into account your local regulations, you should also be aware of the pros and cons associated with frontal ai... Read More »

When can kids stop using car seats?

On One Hand: Height and Weight RequirementsThe law has height and weight requirements that vary by state on which children need to use car seats, but according to most child car seat laws, when a c... Read More »

What are the laws in Minnesota about children using car seats?

Answer Never mind the laws, always, always, always have a child in a certified safety seat suitable for its size, and make sure the seat is fitted properly in the car. For the sake of $150 make su... Read More »

When should children ride without booster seats?

Children get frustrated being stuck in their booster seats and can't wait to ride in a car like an adult, with seat belts alone. Knowing the facts about when to make the transition to riding withou... Read More »