When can baby be in forward facing car sear?

Answer Put the baby in the back seat ;) ONly way I can think of!

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At what age should may a rear facing seat be placed facing forward? Please keep the child rear-facing for as long as possible (according to the limits of your particular seat).

When can a child's car seat face forward instead of facing rear?

On One Hand: One Year and 20 PoundsThe Child Passenger Safety Institute reports that the safest way for a child to ride in a car is in a rear facing position. Rear facing child car seats provide pr... Read More »

When can you put your baby in a front facing car seat?

At a minimum, children need to ride in rear-facing car seats until they've reached age 1 and also weigh at least 20 lbs, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, the manufacturer m... Read More »

When is my baby ready for a front facing car seat?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping a baby in a rear-facing car seat until he is at least 12 months old and weighs more than 20 pounds. Once he meets both these criteria, your bab... Read More »