When can babies see clearly?

Answer it will be a couple of weeks (1 or 2) for a baby to see clearly

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At what age do babies see clearly?

When a baby is first born, he is unable to see clearly because the part of the brain that controls vision is not yet fully developed. An infant develops the ability to see clearly at about 2 month... Read More »

When can a newborn see clearly?

Within weeks or even days of being born, a newborn baby can typically see faces and other objects up to a foot away. By the end of the baby's first month, he will be able to focus the eyes on peopl... Read More »

Why HP Inkjet can only print clearly when the font is arial?

The arial font will always give a nice print because the font has so serif. When you use Times or any other fonts with a serif, you need to set the printer at 300 dpi to get a nice print. Anything ... Read More »

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