When can an ultrasound tell if your pregnant?

Answer Depends on what stage... why not take a cheap over the counter pregnancy test?

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Can you get an ultrasound done to tell weather your pregnant or not?

Yes, just go to your local hospital and make an appointment, and from experience, make sure you need to pee first because that's the only way that the ultrasound lady can tell if there is a baby

If you are 4 weeks 4 days pregnant what can be seen on ultrasound if anything?

Answer you might be able to see only a small circle very faint but you might be able to see the sack..

Is it safe to undergo ultrasound facial when pregnant?

Yes it is safe, but make sure the esthetician or therapist doesn't use it anywhere else besides your face. The machines used for ultrasound facials are about 1/10 to 1/5 the strength of the machine... Read More »

Can an ultrasound tell if you got pregnant 5 weeks earlier than you thought although you had 2 periods?

Answer If you had 2 periods you werent pregnant at that time.