When can an ultrasound detect gender?

Answer In most cases, depending on the skill level of the technician, a baby's gender can be determined via an ultrasound between 16 and 20 weeks. Accuracy is about 95 percent after 20 weeks. There are, h... Read More »

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How soon can you detect gender on 3D ultrasound?

You can detect gender with a 3D ultrasound accurately (98-percent accuracy) from 18 to 20 weeks. Any earlier than this and your accuracy drops dramatically. However, an at-home gender detection tes... Read More »

When can a baby's gender be determined on an ultrasound?

The gender of a developing fetus can be determined by ultrasound in some cases as early as week 12. Most doctors however, encourage waiting until the middle of the second trimester, usually by week... Read More »

When I create a youtube username, It says "please choose a gender" But there are no bars to choose a gender.?

you need to press on the up-down arrow button

When can you tell the gender of your baby when you're pregnant?

An ultrasound can determine the sex of a baby when a woman has been pregnant for at least 16 weeks. However, the results of an ultrasound is considered more accurate at the 20-week mark.Source:Amaz... Read More »