When can a toddler sleep with a pillow?

Answer According to pediatric sleep expert Judith Owens, M.D., toddlers two years old and older can safely use a pillow while sleeping. Owens recommends not using feather pillows, and waiting until the to... Read More »

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When can my toddler sleep with a blanket?

Your toddler can sleep with a light blanket after 12 months of age. At that point the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is very low, and your child has the dexterity to roll over and move... Read More »

When can a toddler use a pillow?

Pillows are unsafe for children under the age of two due to the risk of suffocation. The general guideline is to wait until your child moves out of a crib and into a bed before allowing him to slee... Read More »

When can a baby sleep in a toddler bed?

Pediatric sleep disorders expert, Deborah Lin-Dyken, shares at BabyCenter that you can move your baby into a toddler bed between the ages of 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 depending on their readiness or the need.... Read More »

I'm 13 and when i sleep i bang my head on my pillow anyone know why?

it's probably not this, but i've noticed that a lot of kids with severe adhd tend to bang their heads a lot, usually when frustrated, but you could be doing it when sleeping. if you're doing it inv... Read More »