When can a newborn baby take a bath?

Answer Up until your baby's umbilical cord stump falls off you can sponge your baby with a wet washcloth. After that happens (around 10 days old), you can start to give your baby tub baths.

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What is a virtual game you can take care of a newborn baby?

Baby Luv game(downloads required)see linkYou can go on I tried it and it is GREAT You get to take care of a virtual 3d baby! or you can go to okay this is a website ... Read More »

How long does it take for cocaine to get out of a newborn baby system if mom used it during pregnancy?

This may take up to two months. Once this drug is in the system it effects the baby the same way it effects you. The drug will leave the system the same time it would take t o leave yours.

When is a baby considered a newborn?

The first weeks of life after birth constitute the newborn period.

What happens when a newborn baby doesn't cry?

If a new born baby doesn't cry it means that he/she loves you already and there is no need to bond with it at all. You have done a good job talking to it the whole way though your pregancey