When can a male dog get a female pregnant?

Answer A female dog can get pregnant during the second stage of the heat cycle, about eight or 10 days after she goes into heat. This stage will last four to seven days. Male dogs are capable of producing... Read More »

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Can a female dog get pregnant by more than one male dog at the same time?

Female dogs can be impregnated by more than one male dog and can produce litters with puppies sired by different males. For this reason, you need to keep a female dog in estrus safely away from mal... Read More »

If a seventeen year old female is pregnant from a twenty year old male can the father get in trouble?

In California if a 19-year-old male gets a 17-year-old female pregnant can her parents put him in jail?

Answer Not if they were dating and proven to be sexualy active before the male or female turned 18.She is below the age of sexual consent for CA. It doesn’t matter if they were dating or sexually... Read More »

If you are a 19 year old male and you get a 14 year old female pregnant are the parents the only ones that can press charges?

Answer No, if child services or the police find out about it, they too can get involved. Answer I think the girl can press charges, or any gaurdian of the girl, i think even your family can press c... Read More »