When can a foster carer have contact with an adopted child after it has moved on?

Answer You can't contact the child until they are adults unless the adoptive parents let you. When they are adults they decide for themselves.

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Can a foster carer do child minding?

no not really having a that job anyway is like being a child minder they could in a way but i don't see why they would want to.

Can a foster carer receive any benefits if they do not have a child in placement?

Does an adopted child have any say in who their adoptive parents will be For example may a teen in foster care who is going to be adopted decide if heshe wants to live with this new family?

Yes, when the family appeals in court the child gets the choice to say accept or deny this family.

Who is to blame when a foster child is moved around so much?

Lack of tolerant well-educated foster parents. I think some get into caring for children that they are not equipped to handle.