When can a female get pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: Pregnancy Occurs During OvulationA woman becomes pregnant when a sperm unites with an egg. The only time an egg is available for conception is during ovulation, when it travels from th... Read More »

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When can a female cat get pregnant?

A cat can become pregnant at 4 months of age. Cats normally become pregnant in the spring, but can become pregnant throughout the year. If a cat does not become pregnant and is not spayed, she may ... Read More »

When can a male dog get a female pregnant?

A female dog can get pregnant during the second stage of the heat cycle, about eight or 10 days after she goes into heat. This stage will last four to seven days. Male dogs are capable of producing... Read More »

Can a female dog get pregnant if she was in heat when she was spayed?

Spaying a female dog involves the removal of the uterus. If a dog is in heat at the time of the surgery. they are not likely to be pregnant yet. But removal of the uterus will also remove any chanc... Read More »

How Can I Tell When My Female Mouse Is Pregnant?

Although rabbits have become a cultural symbol of fertility, mice deserve the stereotype as well. A mouse's gestation period is only 21 days, and she can give birth to litters of up to nine babies,... Read More »