When can a child sit in the front sit in California?

Answer When they are 12 or up

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Can a 10 yr old child ride in the front seat of a car in California?

it depends how much they weigh and how tall they are they have to be 80 pounds and like 4.3 feet tall.

California Law on a Child Riding in the Front Seat?

Generally, children in California must ride in the back seat of a motor vehicle until they reach 6 years of age or 60 pounds. Exceptions to this rule apply. In some cases, for instance, a back seat... Read More »

What weight for child to sit in front seat in California?

Not sure where you are, but in Missouri I was told the legal age is 12years old BUT they cannot be responsible for any other children.

What age can child ride in front seat in California?

Actually, in California it's: Children must ride properly buckled up, in the back seat, in a safety seat or booster until they are at least 6 years old OR weigh at least 40 lbs. Main exceptions:- A... Read More »