When can a child sit in the front sea of the car?

Answer Twelve years old. You have to be 4'6 and over 80 lb.

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What does it mean if a child has lumps behind the ear and in the front and they hurt when the child opens their mouth and chews?

AnswerEveryone has lumps behind the ears and in the throat areas, as well as, in the head. These lumps are part of the lymph node system and some are just glands. When there is an infection in the ... Read More »

What age can a child be able to sit in front in a car?

Majority of the cars has a sign lights up ( passenger air bag on) it turns on by the presseur of the Weight put on the front passenger seat. If the child is heavy enough to turn the Air bag sign on... Read More »

What age does a child have to be to sit in front seat of the car?

There is no certain age. You have to reach a certain height and weight so if you are under height and weight then you are more likely to have severe injuries from an airbag. Usually the weight is a... Read More »

How old does a child need to be to sit in front seat in PA?