When can a child ride in the car without a booster?

Answer at least 4 feet 9 inches tall between ages 8-10

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What is the legal age a child can ride in car without a booster seat?

It is the law that a child is out of the buster seat at age 8 and if they weigh over 30 poundsANOTHER VIEW: There is no uniform nationwide law. The requirement for thiis changes from state-to-state... Read More »

When should children ride without booster seats?

Children get frustrated being stuck in their booster seats and can't wait to ride in a car like an adult, with seat belts alone. Knowing the facts about when to make the transition to riding withou... Read More »

How old a child be to ride in a booster seat?

it depends mostly on weight and size, usually by 6 or 7 they might be tall enough or weigh enough to be out of one. look to your car seat for the shoulder height and weight. :)

What age child can ride in a booster seat in pa?