When can a baby in the womb hear me?

Answer A baby begins to develop the ability to hear during the third month in the mother's womb. By the third trimester, the mother will begin to feel the baby react to sounds by kicking or poking.Source:... Read More »

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When can you hear baby heartbeat in the womb?

AnswerThe earliest a doctor can get a baby's heartbeat on a Doppler inside the womb is 9 weeks... any earlier and it might not be able to be heard! Hope this helps... on the flip side you should ta... Read More »

When can you feel the baby moving in the womb?

First time Mums usually feel the baby moving from about 20 weeks, second time around you may feel it earlier, 16-17 weeks. Slender women will probably feel it before their better padded sisters.

When does a baby drop in the womb?

The baby "drops"--that is, rests lower in the pelvic area--around week 36 of pregnancy. It is normal, though, for some babies to drop any time within the last few weeks of pregnancy or even just be... Read More »

What does a baby eat when it is in the womb?

The baby is fed through the umbilical cord and receives everything that the mother ingests.