When can I stop paying Social Security tax?

Answer Social security taxes are directly withheld from wages with a matching employer amount, unless self-employed, when both amounts are paid directly. Everyone must pay social security, except governme... Read More »

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When does Social Security stop coming out of my check?

Social Security taxes stop coming out of your paycheck after you reach the income limit for the year. As of 2010, Social Security taxes apply only to the first $106,800 of earned income. However, a... Read More »

When does a Social Security check stop for a minor?

Benefits are paid to eligible minors until age 18, unless they are 18 or 19 and a full-time student in 12th grade or lower, according to the Social Security Administration. Benefits continue for mi... Read More »

When does a senior citizen on Social Security stop filing taxes?

Social Security is considered income by the federal government. You must determine each year if you need to pay taxes on your pension, Social Security and retirement benefits income by comparing th... Read More »

When a person is awarded Social Security Disability Insurance how is it that Social Security can withhold 6 months of pay?

When you are awarded Social Security disability benefits, you do not receive benefits beginning on your onset date. Rather, there is a 5 month "waiting period" before benefits begin.As a practical ... Read More »