When can I smoke after having wisdom teeth removed?

Answer It is a good time to quit. But if you're not going to, wait until your post-op appointment and ask your dentist. When you are allowed to use a straw again is probably the time smoking would not be ... Read More »

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How long do i hae to wait to smoke a cigarette after ive had my wisdom teeth removed?

I didn't wait, I ignored the dentist, and I didn't have any problems... No guarantee something won't happen to you though.Personally, I'd just keep smoking.

If you just had two wisdom teeth removed on your right side 3 days ago would it be ok to smoke marijuana as an alternative to Tylenol 3 with codeine?

AnswerThey warn about smoking in the first couple of days to prevent dry socket, which is possible. But if it's been three days, and the clot is solid and things are starting to heal, I think you w... Read More »

Wisdom teeth surgically removed. Any words of wisdom?

eat lots of fresh pineapple (not the canned kind) two weeks before hand. it prevents swelling, trust me!and cancel all your plans for the next three days. all you will want to do is lie on the couc... Read More »

Is it possible for an adult to not need any wisdom teeth removed if they've never grown in or threatened the growth of the other teeth?

Answer If you have wisdom teeth and they haven't come in normally, you need to have them removed. And possiblly even if they have come in. They are so far back it's very hard to keep them properly ... Read More »