When can I smoke after having wisdom teeth removed?

Answer It is a good time to quit. But if you're not going to, wait until your post-op appointment and ask your dentist. When you are allowed to use a straw again is probably the time smoking would not be ... Read More »

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When can you smoke after having wisdom teeth pulled?

You should absolutely not smoke anything for at least a week after surgery, and preferably two or three weeks. It can result in dry socket, where the clot over the removed tooth is dislodged. Smoki... Read More »

How long do i hae to wait to smoke a cigarette after ive had my wisdom teeth removed?

I didn't wait, I ignored the dentist, and I didn't have any problems... No guarantee something won't happen to you though.Personally, I'd just keep smoking.

Why is my face itchy after having my wisdom teeth removed?

This is very common and should subside within a few days or up to a week. It can be aftermath from the medication they used to put you under, but more likely it is from having your mouth widely ope... Read More »

How long till I can smoke after having wisdom teeth pulled?

If you have gone 8 days without smoking why don't you quit? This is the perfect time to quit smoking. You will save money and your life quiting. Just a thought.