When can I get pregnant during my cycle?

Answer On One Hand: Ovulation TimingWomen can get pregnant while they are ovulating. This is a twenty-four to forty-eight hour period in which the egg is fertile and located in the fallopian tube. This is... Read More »

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Can I get pregnant anytime during my cycle?

Although the chances of becoming pregnant during your menstrual cycle are small, it is still possible. The likelihood of conceiving while on your period can depend upon ovulation, which in some cas... Read More »

Can you get pregnant during mid cycle bleeding?

Can a woman get pregnant during her menstrual cycle?

On One Hand: Pregnancy is PossiblePregnancy can happen as a result of sexual intercourse during a woman's menstrual cycle.There are too many variables that take place to rule the possibility of pre... Read More »

On what dates during the period cycle can you have safe intercourse without using condoms since you dont want her to get pregnant?

never. if you don't want a pregnancy, use birth control! (pill, condom, etc)