When can I get pregnant after taking Gardasil?

Answer On One Hand: Unlikely to Harm FetusThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies all drugs according to their potential to harm a fetus. Gardasil's category B classification means it is not exp... Read More »

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How long should you wait after gardasil vaccine before trying to get pregnant?

My doctor said that you should wait 6 months after finishing all the treatment ( 3 shots), and are not supposed to get pregnant in between them.For example, if you receive the first shot in January... Read More »

You were taking SlimQuick for weightloss but stopped taking them Is it safe to start trying to get pregnant now?

Can taking ephdrine in the first few weeks of pregnancy harm the baby you were taking ephedrine as a diet pill and didnt realise you were pregnant?

I posted this question and just wanted to explain my situation more. I only took klonapin as needed with me i would only take half of one if needed. A months supply lasts me for sometimes 3-4 month... Read More »

If you get pregnant on birth control pills and continue taking them without realizing you're pregnant will it hurt the baby?

Answer, It can effect the baby more so if it is a female because of the hormones it the birth control pills.