When can I file another Chapter 7?

Answer According to the bankruptcy laws, you must wait eight years after receiving a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge to file again. If your case was dismissed by the courts due to a violated court order or... Read More »

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Can I file another Chapter 7 after six years?

The United States Federal Government does have a mandated wait period after an individual files for chapter 7 bankruptcy or even attempts to file. If you successfully file chapter 7, you must wait ... Read More »

When did delta airlines file for chapter 11?

Delta Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sept. 14, 2005--the same day that competitor Northwest Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Delta Airlines emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy ... Read More »

Can you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy after filing a Chapter 13 six months ago that was dismissed?

You can file bankruptcy at any time, even if you filed six months ago, according to Bankruptcy Law Network. If the courts discharge your debt, however, you must wait four years between a Chapter 7 ... Read More »

Can I file chapter 13 before the 8 years after filing chapter 7?

You don't have to wait more than eight years after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy to file a chapter 13. A chapter 7 bankruptcy is discharged approximately four months after you file for it. You may ... Read More »