When can I buy a new home, 2 years after bankruptcy or after the foreclosure?

Answer On One Hand: Credit RepercussionsBoth foreclosures and bankruptcy generally stay on a credit report for at least seven years. In the case of bankruptcy, a credit score can be adversely affected for... Read More »

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Can you buy a home after bankruptcy&foreclosure?

On One Hand: Bankruptcy Damages Your CreditLenders look at your credit rating to determine loan-worthiness. The credit rating is a composite score based on your financial history, taking into accou... Read More »

Can a bankruptcy filing postpone the foreclosure sale of a home?

On One Hand: Automatic StayThe instant you file your bankruptcy petition, the law automatically imposes an "automatic stay." The automatic stay forbids any of your creditors, including the bank or ... Read More »

If I Had a Foreclosure on a VA Loan 30 Years Ago That Wasn't Restored, Can I Get a Home Loan Now?

A VA home loan is a mortgage insured by the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA). Guidelines for VA loans are altered on a continual basis for general qualifying purposes; however, the guidelines i... Read More »

Is foreclosure worse then bankruptcy?

On One Hand: Bankruptcy Is WorseA bankruptcy will remain on your credit reports for 10 years, according to The stigma associated with bankruptcy will make it difficult for you to obtain ... Read More »