When buying a new laptop?

Answer No less than 1GB of RAM -- and I recommend 2GBAs far as Hard Drive size -- 80GB as a minimum but also look for speed of the drive. Go for 7200RPM if possible.Stick with Windows XP for your Operati... Read More »

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Which laptop Buying my son a laptop for Christmas - Which make is the best ?

the only advice I can give you is this: buy as much work-memory as you can afford. ( RAM that is) and as much harddisk space as you can get, and of course the best possible video card.Then your son... Read More »

I need help with buying a laptop please!?

I just bought my Dell Inspiron 15.It is AMAZING.320gb hard drive4gb memory4gb ram15.6in screen.Pretty light.ALL UNDER $1100!!Many colors.I really couldn't be happier.

Buying a LAPTOP?

What do you consider the most when buying a laptop?

depends on the capacity of the laptop and what do you need