When boiling spuds what can you add to the water to improve the taste?

Answer Are the spuds being served as a side, or are they going to be used as part of a recipe? As a side, add a little salt. If they are being used for something like mashed potatoes, don't boil them. ... Read More »

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Why is it that when I am hungover, water taste horrible Other times water taste great?

You need to brush your teeth.Merely washing your mouth out with a different taste doesn't clean scum off.

What does soft ball stage mean when boiling water&sugar together?

Soft-ball stage is used to measure the temperature of a syrup in candy making. At, this stage, a drop of the sugar syrup will form into a soft ball. Upon removal from the cold water, the ball will ... Read More »

Why do people put salt in water when boiling it?

Many recipes, such as those on pasta boxes, call for adding salt to water when boiling it. This is because salt raises the boiling point of water, allowing the food to cook at a higher temperature.... Read More »

When making a cloutie dumpling, do I cover the sauce pan with the water boiling or keep it open?

Honestly it doesn't matter. The only time you really need a lid is when you're trying to stew something and to keep the water from evaporating. The dumpling will cook fairly fast so evaporation is ... Read More »