When boiling eggs is there a good method to use so that the shell comes off easy?

Answer Yes, use older eggs (the closer to their expiration the better... the air pocket gets bigger as they get older, I've even used recently expired eggs for this,) don't cool them down all the way but ... Read More »

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Do powdered eggs have egg shell in them?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, powdered eggs contain only dried pure albumen (commonly known as egg whites). Powdered eggs have been pasteurized, so salmonella contamination is no... Read More »

How to Drain Raw Eggs From the Shell Without Breaking Them?

Many experienced and amateur crafters use chicken egg shells to decorate their home, whether for the Easter holiday or in primitive country decor styles. The inside of the egg, containing the egg w... Read More »

What makes boiled eggs stick to the shell?

Sometimes a boiled egg sticks to the shell and makes it hard to peel. The culprits are two thin membranes that lie between the white and the shell. The fresher the egg, the stickier the membrane, a... Read More »

Can I just slowly simmer these eggs and sugar in a pot instead of cooking them in a bowl over boiling water?

No, they will curdle and cook up like scrambled eggs. Can I suggest that you use a coffee mug in a pan/pot of hot water on the stove. Do 2-3 eggs at a time, as the coffee mug is smaller, and simmer... Read More »