When blackberry is showing wifi and not browsing what is the solution?

Answer It is so simple!. Copy all contacts of android to your sim and copy from sim to mac mobile. You may use 3G sim for more contact list.

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If wifi and sim card are both available whether iPhone will use WiFi or 3g for web browsing?

hey people my mums iphone is acting strange when somebody calls it only vibrates it doesnt play the ringtone she setted can anyone help???

Browsing history stops showing until I empty temporary internet files or C-Cleaner?

Hey!Most likely your Browser history file crashed. Re-install your browser and it should work fine. This time make sure you clean your browser's history and cache every now and then.Good luck!â‚® á... Read More »

Setting up a media center with HDMI wifi or some other solution?

buy 2 appletvs for 99 each. jailbreak em to run xbmc, with a linux OS. works flawlessly. then you can stream whatever you want to each tv - watch hulu, internet tv, etc.

Why are picture texts showing up as unclickable links on my new Blackberry Pearl?

You say that you have the data pack that is required. Do you actually have the BlackBerry data package? If not that is why. Without the BlackBerry data package your device does not connect to th... Read More »