When backwashing a salt water pool will the water kill plants and flowers?

Answer Answer Ok, the answer is yes, depending on what plants you are talking about, if you are talking about epsom salts that is a good thing for some plants. Also magnesium, and try to direct your pool ... Read More »

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Will the water from backwashing a pool filter kill sodgrass?

Is the water in a salt water pool harder on surrounding plants than traditional chlorine pools?

%REPLIES% Answer Saline systems being sold today operate on a pool water salinity of only 3000ppm or so. Older systems used higher salinities - 4000-6000ppm. Considering ones tears are only approx ... Read More »

Does salt water in the pool kill your grass if you back wash and will the grass die around the pool by splashing water?

Answer Salt is actually good for your grass, but if you constantly backwash in the same place you could flood your grass overwatering it. And no, of course splashing saltwater will not kill your gr... Read More »

What plants will survive next to a salt water pool?

All salt water plants will survive. Plants such as Sea holly, turtle grass. Here are some saltwater plants. Red Mangrove Propagule Shaving Brush Plant Halimeda Plant Kelp on Rock, Smooth Leaf... Read More »