When baby falls down and doesn't cry how do you get them to?

Answer Is there a need to make them cry? If they fall and remain healthy and happy, why not just put them back as they were, making sure they are properly secured this time?

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What should you do you want a baby but your boyfriend doesnt?

What should you do if your 14 and you want a baby and your pregnant but your boyfriend doesnt?

When getting pregnant as young as this very very few relationships last and you should be prepared for being a single parent if you choose to keep it. He still have to pay child support. There is n... Read More »

You are a 15 year old soon to be dad and you want to keep the baby but your girlfriend doesnt want you to What should you do?

its very hard to raise a child now a days.everything is so have to ask yourself a few guestion.1 is any one else going to help you raise the child.2 can you afford the child.3is this what ... Read More »

What to do if baby falls off changing table?

It is wise to invest in a changing table with a "seatbelt" on it, because even if you have to turn away for one second to grab a diaper, a wriggly baby can roll right off. These belts are useful in... Read More »