When at sea, where do Navy ships dump garbage?

Answer When at sea, Navy ships dump certain types of waste into the water. Plastics are never dumped and are disposed of or recycled once the ship reaches port. Other kinds of garbage, such as food wastes... Read More »

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Where Can I Dump Garbage?

Increasing populations and consumerism have combined to create enormous volumes of trash. In response, local, regional and federal agencies have created facilities to enable their citizenry to safe... Read More »

Does Etobicoke, Toronto have a garbage dump?

The Disco Drop-off Depot, a garbage disposal site, is located at 120 Disco Road, Toronto. Fees may apply and hours vary. As of July 7, 2010, the depot is closed to residential loads Tuesday through... Read More »

How to Make a Garbage Dump for Your Campsite?

If you're camping out for more than a day, your green garbage waste and waste water becomes a bit of a problem. You shouldn't toss it aside into the bushes, nor should you leave patches of spoiling... Read More »

Where is the garbage dump in clarksville, tennessee?

The trash from Clarksville, Tennessee, is handled by Montgomery County Bi-County Waste Management. The county's main landfill is at 3212 Dover Road in Woodlawn. However, Clarksville has its own gar... Read More »