When at 5 centimeters how long before birth?

Answer Some women get to 5 cm before they realize they are in labor, for others 5 cm marks the spot where labor gets more intense and things start happening very fast. Either way it means that new baby wi... Read More »

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How many centimeters dialated to you have to be before you give birth?

How long to be off birth control before pregnancy?

A woman can safely get pregnant immediately after she stops her birth control. Some doctors advise to wait until after the first normal menstrual period because the due date can be calculated more ... Read More »

How long is the average length of labor before birth?

The average length of labor is about 14 hours for a first pregnancy and about eight hours in subsequent pregnancies. However, many women experience a much longer or shorter labor.

How long before the birth control pill is efficacious?

In most cases, the birth control pill will start to work within one week if taken as directed. However, if a woman begins taking the Pill within five days of the start of her menstrual period, it w... Read More »