When are you able to get pregnant?

Answer You can get pregnant all the time but the best time is 12-15 days after your period finished

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When are you most able to get pregnant?

According to the Pregnancy Period website, "The best time to get pregnant is on the 14th to 16th days of your menstrual cycle." Visit your physician to confirm your pregnancy, even if you perform a... Read More »

When will I be able to tell if I am pregnant after having intercourse?

A blood test for pregnancy will be able to detect conception as early as six to eight days after conception. A home pregnancy test can often pick up a pregnancy within two weeks of conception.Sourc... Read More »

Are pregnant women able to be vaccinated for rubella?

Yes we most certainly are. I'm 7 months pregnant and one of the many blood test I have taken resulted in that I needed the shot. I got it and baby and I are doing just fine. Hurt like I remember as... Read More »

How long after conceiving are you able to tell if you are pregnant?

Answer YOU would be able to tell if you're pregnant from the first day you miss a period by buying a pregnancy test and using it according to instructions.