When are the texas primary elections held?

Answer The Texas election code states that the primary elections in Texas will be held on the first Tuesday of March. If a runoff election is needed to determine the winner of a primary election, that vot... Read More »

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When are California's primary elections held?

California's primary election is June 8. Voters will go to the polls to choose candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, secretary of state, treasurer, attorney general, and the U.S. Senate.... Read More »

How often are primary elections held?

Primaries are held every two years for U.S. House offices, once every six years for Senate offices and once every four years for the presidential election. They also can be held for mayoral, gubern... Read More »

When are the Montana primary elections?

Montana primary elections will be held on June 8th, 2010. Montanans will vote for one representative in the United States House of Representatives, selecting candidates for the 2011 State Legislati... Read More »

When did the primary elections start?

The very first primary election was held in Minnesota in 1899. It was for a statewide election. In 1901 the first presidential primary election took place in Florida. Not all states in the United S... Read More »