When are taxes due after an extension?

Answer The normal deadline by which you should file your tax return is April 15th. If you apply for an extension with a 4868 form, this deadline is extended six months, until October 15th.Source:IRS Urges... Read More »

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How do i file taxes after the extension date?

Prepare the tax return, form 1040, for the year you need to file. Include all relevant tax schedules. Attach the Application for Automatic Extension, form 4868, to the return. Attach a statement in... Read More »

Do you have to pay federal withholding taxes when you work after retirement?

Anyone who works as an employee is subject to federal income tax withholding, including people working after retirement. However, if you only work a very limited number of hours, you may not earn e... Read More »

How do I file an extension on my taxes?

Filing an extension on your taxes should be a last resort option. Extensions are filed to alert the IRS that it will take you longer than the April 15 deadline to complete your tax forms, but it do... Read More »

Can I Apply for an Extension to Do My Taxes?

The April 15 deadline for filing federal income taxes can cause you a great deal of stress if you have not kept careful records of your income and expenses for the previous year. If you need more t... Read More »