When are strawberries in season?

Answer The traditional strawberry season is from June until mid August, but new farming methods extends it from April until mid December.

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Why are strawberries called 'strawberries'?

StrawberriesOriginally they were called "strewberries," because they were "strewn" across the ground. "Strew" means throw. The name eventually evolved into "strawberries."And... when strawberries a... Read More »

Does season 5 of supernatural is the final season or will there another season ahead?

Both main actors(sam and dean) have signed the dotted line for atleast another season.

Am I still able to sow my strawberries?

Yes...Absolutely,..If the plants are still living...They need full Sun...and real good soil,..not potting soil..They won't do good in straight Miracle grow moisture control potting soil.

Where did strawberries come from?