When are smoke curtains required?

Answer On One Hand: Firefighters Use Smoke CurtainsSmoke curtains are often used by firefighters to contain the spread of smoke when doors or hatches are opened, and smoke might otherwise escape. Doors th... Read More »

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How many smoke detectors are required by law?

How many smoke detectors you need for your home depends on your individual state and local laws. Most state laws require at least one smoke detector per residence; most also mandate one smoke detec... Read More »

How many smoke detectors are required in a home?

While the number of smoke detectors depends on a variety of factors, including state laws, the number of bedrooms and how big your house is, detectors are typically placed in all bedrooms and in ha... Read More »

Are Smoke Detectors Required in All Buildings in Ohio?

A working and properly installed smoke detector can save lives. According to the Ohio State Fire Marshal, 184 people died in fires in Ohio in 2008. Of those that occurred in homes, only 19 percent ... Read More »

Where are smoke alarms required in a house in South Dakota?

South Dakota law requires smoke alarms to be installed in the bedrooms, immediately outside of bedrooms and on every level of a home. Smoke alarms must be in working order and capable of going off ... Read More »