When are sky changing.............?

Answer The new HD TV guide is already up and running for some subscribers.You will get a letter from Sky in a black envelope.Then in about 2 or 3 days after your new HD guide will automatically be on the ... Read More »

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Why are the remotes for Sky Box not changing channels when the remote light comes on when buttons are pushed but nothing else happens?

Reason Remote Does Not Work Sounds like the microprocessor has locked up. Try unplugging the receiver for about five minutes and then plugging it in again. After the reboot process, it may work.

When is the driving age changing to 18?

is that in england? xEdit: Whats with the thumbs down guys? I live in england and was being logical jeez you are a bunch of stroppy people aren't you!!!

How to Choose a Name when Changing It?

So, you've decided to change your name. But what should you change it to? Here are some tips on choosing the perfect name for you.

When changing spark plugs in a VW Jetta...?

The syntegration unit is only to be used when breeding your Jetta with a Rabbit. Unless you want to have little Rabbettas or Jettits running around all over your garage, leave that thing alone. S... Read More »