When are property taxes due in Ohio?

Answer Property tax due dates vary by county in Ohio. Find the date for your county by calling or visiting your local property appraiser's office (see Resources). In 2010 for Montgomery County, the due da... Read More »

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How are property taxes calculated in ohio?

Property taxes in Ohio are calculated based on state laws and rules that help county authorities determine the appropriate tax. Although state government establishes rules, each county is largely r... Read More »

How Can I Check to See if I Have Overdue Property Taxes in Ohio?

In Ohio, property taxes are due and payable twice a year just as in most states. Failure to pay property taxes when due can eventually result in the property being foreclosed on and sold at a sheri... Read More »

Are co-ops considered real property for estate taxes in Ohio?

Your local probate attorney can answer your question, given the county where you live.

Can you pay up someones property taxes and acquire their property?

This can be possible when the property taxes are not paid by the owners and the taxing authorities seize the property and sell it at auction to collect the past due property taxes.