When are pregnant dogs ready to give birth?

Answer Pregnant dogs are ready to give birth after approximately 63 days. Signs that show a dog is ready for labor includes its body temperature dropping, not wanting to stay still and shaking or vomiting... Read More »

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What part of the female body dilates when ready to give birth?

Do cottontail rabbits make a covered nest then open it when ready to give birth?

Not really, though it may appear that way. Cottontail rabbits use what is known as a form, or a covered impression in the earth. Cottontail rabbits are not good diggers. Only when the female rabbi... Read More »

Can you give pregnant dogs frontline?

On One Hand: When to Use Frontline on a Pregnant DogAccording to the Frontline website, the Environmental Protection Agency has tested and approved Frontline Plus and Frontline Top Spot for flea an... Read More »

Can a goat give birth and still be pregnant?

Only if there is another baby or babies inside. They can breed again after delivery of the kids, but it is recommended that the goat should only be bred once a year. Also, it is said to prolong the... Read More »