When do pomegranates come in season in oahu?

Answer On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, as on all the other Hawaiian Islands, pomegranate season occurs in the fall. Harvest for the fruit is determined by counting seven months after the tree flowers.Sour... Read More »

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When do pomegranates come into season?

Pomegranate season in the Northern Hemisphere begins during September or October and lasts into January. The versatile fruit can be eaten alone or with salad, yogurt and cereal. No matter how it is... Read More »

In what season do you find pomegranates?

In the northern hemisphere, the pomegranate season runs from September to February, and in the southern hemisphere, it runs from March to May. In the United Sates, most pomegranates are produced in... Read More »

When are pomegranates harvested?

Pomegranate growers in the United States harvest their fruit in the fall, usually August through October. They pick pomegranates just before they are fully ripened, normally six months after the pl... Read More »

When are pomegranates ready to eat?

Pomegranate fruits can be harvested and eaten after they have turned a distinctive color, according to the California Rare Fruit Growers. They also suggest tapping the pomegranate to see if it has ... Read More »