When are placards required?

Answer On One Hand: Warnings of DangerPlacards are required for containers shipping hazardous materials. Hazard placards are required in public areas that have been recently mopped or waxed. Warning placa... Read More »

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Ideas for Marking Trailers With Placards?

Trucks that transport predesignated hazardous materials must display trailer placards in accordance with regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of Labor an... Read More »

How to Replace Lost Handicap Placards?

Persons with disabilities are allowed to park in specially marked parking spaces that make it easier for them to get into a store, office or other public building. In order to use these spaces--and... Read More »

Are New Jersey handicapped parking placards accepted in other states?

As of 2010, most states in the U.S. honor handicapped parking permits issued by New Jersey and any other state. It is always best to check with the visited state's department of motor vehicles to d... Read More »

Why are cars drivers required to wear a seat belt but motorcycle drivers not required to wear a helmet?

Simple -- Statistically, you will have far less injuries or dead if you wear a seat belt.Statistically, a motorcycle helmet does not reduce injuries or deaths. The purpose of the helmet laws is to... Read More »