When are oranges ripe in Florida?

Answer Florida oranges are in season from fall until late spring, according to the Florida Department of Citrus. The only three months of the year when fresh Florida oranges are typically unavailable are ... Read More »

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Are oranges on the tree ripe when they change color?

It depends on the variety. Most oranges are not completely ripe when they lose their green tinge. A little further maturing on the tree is needed to enable the sweetness to develop.

What is the Difference Between California Oranges and Florida Oranges?

Most oranges in America are grown on one of our two coasts--in Florida or California. Because of the differences in Florida and California climate and soil, the oranges can look and taste quite dif... Read More »

Why is florida known for oranges?

While Disney World, theme parks, or the beach might first come to mind when people think of Florida, the state is also known for its oranges. There are several reasons for this strong association.P... Read More »

Where Are Oranges Found in Florida?

Florida is a well-known producer of citrus fruits, especially oranges. The main types of oranges grown in Florida are the Navel, Ambersweet and Valencia. Orange season usually lasts from October th... Read More »