When are gardenias in season?

Answer Gardenias are in season in early to mid-summer, blooming white to cream-colored flowers. The flowers are best planted after the threat of frost is past. Look for healthy 10- to 12-inch plants with ... Read More »

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When do gardenias bloom?

Gardenias (Gardenia jasminoides) are summer-blooming shrubs that produce flowers for 3 months. This evergreen shrub grows 2 to 6 feet tall. The large blossoms are white and very fragrant. Some vari... Read More »

When can I plant gardenias?

The best time for planting a gardenia is in the spring or fall. If you are planting multiple gardenias, you should space them 3 to 6 feet apart. They do best in a soil with a pH level between 5 and... Read More »

When should you prune gardenias?

On One Hand: Prune In Late SummerMost gardenia varieties bloom in the late spring and early summer. Therefore, pruning in the late summer allows the gardener to shape the plant and restrain growth... Read More »

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