When are credit cards required to be charged off?

Answer Credit card issuers will charge off--or record a receivable amount as a loss--when the balance has been unpaid over 180 days, according to the generally accepted rules of accounting.AccountingA cha... Read More »

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How to Fix My Credit After My Credit Cards Have All Been Charged Off?

A credit card company may "charge off" your account after 180 days or six months of being late on payment. Just because your account is charged off does not mean that the credit card company has gi... Read More »

What is the most charged item on credit cards?

In 2009, credit card purchases totaled 20.2 billion in the United States. While there are no specific surveys to indicate the most-charged credit card item, credit cards are mainly used on travel-r... Read More »

When do overdue credit cards get reported to credit bureaus?

The reporting dates of late payments to the credit bureaus vary based on each lending institution's own policy. Some companies report late payments at 30 days after a cardholder misses a payment, w... Read More »

When is my credit card charged for a hotel room?

Your credit card is not charged for a hotel room until you authorize it. If you book online, you usually will not be charged until you check in and have them swipe your card. Booking online also au... Read More »