When are cantaloupes ready to be picked?

Answer When they are ripe, they will readily be able to be pulled from the vine. The color will change from to having an underlying greenish tone to browner. Don't be too concerned about harvesting slight... Read More »

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When are blackberries ready to be picked?

Blackberries mature 35 to 45 days after pollination has occurred. The berries are harvested during the month of June in southern areas of the United States and during the month of July in northern ... Read More »

How do I know when my watermelon is ready to be picked?

1. Thump it. If the watermelon sounds hollow, it's ripe. This is difficult for less-gifted ears.2. Look at the color on the top. The watermelon is ripe when there is little contrast between the str... Read More »

Do cantaloupes look like cucumbers when they first start growing?

ANSWER: Yes. They, like watermelon, cantelope and others have a main stem and 2 prominent leaves. They look identical till the fruit develops.

When should mandarin fruit be picked?

Harvest after the skin has lost its greenish tinge.