When are babies able to show distress?

Answer AnswerIts been shown as early as the womb, when the mother is under pressure or something is physically not right with the pregnancy. Then after being born, the child will definitely react to tensi... Read More »

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How was Duncan MacLeod on the TV show Highlander able to be a visiting professor when he had never even been to college?

Duncan McLeod and many other Immortals were able to obtain and use fake credentials pretty effectively. Otherwise, they'd never be able to hide from each other in the modern era, or travel to find ... Read More »

Are you still able to make babies or are you fixed?

I thought you fixed something that was broken. Mine isn't broken!!! However, I did have them remove the baby factory and leave me the playpen! LMAO!!

Should teenagers be able to have babies underage?

yes! mother hood doesnt come with an age! dont see why people make such a big deal about it I don't see what the alternative would be. Force them to have abortions like they do in China or force t... Read More »

Should parents be able to design their babies?

From my moral point of view, NO. Parents should be able to design their babies shouldn't they.What do you think?Put your opinion here