When are a fetus'lungs mature?

Answer Lungs, the last major organs to become fully developed, are mature by week 37 of a 40-week gestation, according to the Mayo Clinic. Week 37 is the point at which babies are considered full term, me... Read More »

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When Do Hair Follicles Mature?

The hair-growth cycle has three phases--the anagen, catagen and telogen stages-- that can take up to six years to complete. Although genetics plays a role in the hair-growth cycle, Dr. Nilofer Farj... Read More »

When do savings bonds mature?

They take 17 years to "mature".They are purchased for 1/2 the face value - in other words it is worth $50.00You can cash it in early but if you do cash it before five (5) years you have to pay a pe... Read More »

When are white ash trees mature?

White ash trees reach maturity when the trees grow to 50 to 80 feet in height. White ash trees have a medium growing rate of about 2 feet per year. At this rate, it takes a white ash tree 25 to 40 ... Read More »

When do stocks become mature?

Stocks don't become mature. Instead, they represent equity in (i.e., part ownership of) a corporation. The concept of maturity refers to bonds or other debt instruments; it's the date upon which th... Read More »