When are Asian pears ready to eat?

Answer Asian pears are ready to eat when the skin is slightly translucent and the fruit smells sweet. Russet varieties turn from green to brown when ripe; green varieties turn greenish-yellow or gold. If ... Read More »

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How do I grow asian pears?

PlantingPlant your young Asian pear tree while it is dormant, usually in early spring or winter. Work through the soil if it is compacted with a shovel or garden tiller. Dig planting holes large en... Read More »

Will Asian pears grow from cuttings?

Asian pears can be grown from cuttings if properly prepared. Start with a cutting of about 6 inches long, prepare with a rooting hormone prior to transplanting, then plant in soil with a pH of abo... Read More »

Can Asian pears be picked before they are ripe?

Asian pears should not be picked before they are ripe. Unlike European pears that are harvested before they are ripe, Asian pears need to ripen on the trees. They change color and develop sweetness... Read More »

3 boxes of equal fruits,apple,orange and pears.take away 38 pears and some apples and oranges, you are left?

This is not a preschool question. Try putting it in "homework help"; you may find those who can answer your question.