When and who invented HDTV?

Answer HDTV was not an invention as such. The standards for HD television were developed and agreed between various televisions standards committees and television companies around the beginning of the 19... Read More »

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Where was hdtv invented?

High definition television is a development more than an invention. The way HDTV operates was agreed some 3 decades back by committees of experts around the world. Broadcasting bodies in North Am... Read More »

Do I need to buy a HDTV tuner to get 1080p signals over the air on your un55c8000 HDTV -- I have a very good outside digital antenna?

1080p signals are not currently being broadcast on any major network at present. Broadcasters are currently using either 1080i or 720p. 1080p demands twice the bandwidth and it is expected to be so... Read More »

Can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV monitor with a standard TV antenna or do you need a converter?

Answer Yes, you can use the old antenna. However, some new antennas are specially designed to better capture digital TV signals. And the direction, angle, distance, and type of digital signals in y... Read More »

If you can not receive a HDTV signal should you buy an HDTV just to have a bigger screen?

Answer If you want a bigger screen, then buy one, but do be sure to buy a digital TV because analog is being phased out quickly. Also, go to to find out exactly what digital stat... Read More »