When and where is the dallas comicon at?

Answer Your questions is posted in the wronge catagory but to answer your questions 1. Cost $20-$100 depending on just 1 day or vip for three days. This does not include parking or Concessions.2. Locatio... Read More »

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Dallas! Is this Dallas Is this Dallas to all who love Dallas, TX!!?

The fed knew about it.... and the dallas prostitute told the dallas police of the assasination plot to kill the president is preventable.. so why didn't the secret service stop the president?

Until they die or refuse it. Also, their spouse is protected.

What clubs in Dallas or anywhere near dallas that let 16+ in?

The Door…Club Dada has some all ages shows of Blues, also - check each concert for details Read More »

Dallas-Do you like to watch Dallas?

Thanks for posting this YGG. I could not figure out who Lucy was. I think I've heard both Christopher and John Ross call her AUNT Lucy so I didn't think JR or Bobby was her dad. I'm still confused ... Read More »