When and where did baby face nelson die?

Answer Baby Face Nelson was mortally wounded in a suicide gun battle with 2 FBI agents (Herman Hollis and Sam Cowley) near Barrington, Illinois on November 27th 1934. He managed to escape in the FBI car a... Read More »

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How to Make a Baby Face Nelson?

The BabyFace Nelson is a smooth delicate palletted drink for adult consumption originally created 30 years ago by this author in an attempt to market it as a canned cocktail.

How many people did"Baby Face"Nelson kill?

"Baby Face" Nelson, born Lester M. Gillis, killed three FBI agents during an attempted arrest, two of whom were special agents, J. C. Newman and W. Carter Baum. A death of a United States mail frau... Read More »

How many people did the criminal"Baby Face"Nelson kill?

Lester M. Gillis, also known as "Baby Face" Nelson, was a career criminal in Chicago, who was responsible for the deaths of seven people. His victims included five FBI agents and a witness who was ... Read More »

Do I have a baby face?

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