Where and when did neon lights originate?

Answer The concept of neon was first noticed in 1695 by the French astronomer Jean Picard. In 1898 the element neon (NE) was discovered by Sir William Ramsey in London. In 1910 the French engineer George ... Read More »

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Why are doughnuts called doughnuts and not doughrings?

See The History of the Donut through " "! The copy as followed:)The doughnut has existed since the begining of time. So long that archaeologists continue to unearth fossilized bits of wh... Read More »

Where can I get a Happy Kitchen Doughnuts Kit in the USA?

It is available on Ebay but not just by walking into a US store.

Where did the LEGO toy originate?

The LEGO building-brick toy originated in the village of Billund in Denmark. The original LEGO manufacturing company was formed in Bullund in 1932 and still maintains its headquarters there as of 2... Read More »

Where Did BMI Originate From?

If you want to blame someone for your body-mass index, blame Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. Just know that you wouldn't have wanted to argue with him: The Belgian-born mathematician was known as one of ... Read More »