When and how did sonicwall blocked facebook I am very interested to know?

Answer there was a magazine article last month that tols how some hackers blockeda mans facebook page. Then they sent messages to all his facebook friendssaying he was in london and had his pocket picked... Read More »

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My dad blocked https://facebook and http://facebook. What do i do?

Join twitter. Or get a phone and join from there.

A Sign Through Facebook That She Might Be Interested Or Attracted (10 points)?

How to get into facebook when its blocked at school?

You must use what's called a "proxy" site. BUT.. you must use a proxy site that allows you actually log in! The one that Danielj has posted will allow you view the public facebook, but not log in... Read More »

Why would my ex boyfriend blocked me on Facebook help with this!?

My ex also blocked me at the beginning of September! He also blocked me on his phone all because I told him I cheated on him which I didn't I just wanted to see what he said. I told him I was jokin... Read More »