When and how did sonicwall blocked facebook I am very interested to know?

Answer there was a magazine article last month that tols how some hackers blockeda mans facebook page. Then they sent messages to all his facebook friendssaying he was in london and had his pocket picked... Read More »

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You won't be able to find their name in search, or contact them, or view their profile, and they won't be on your friend's list anymore. If you had a friend added that was friends with them and you... Read More »

On Facebook, how do you know if you've been blocked or deleted?

You know you've been deleted when that person no longer shows up on your Friends list. You know you've been blocked when you look at the profiles of your friends and if this person wrote on their W... Read More »

If you block someone on facebook, do they know you have blocked them?

When you block someone, they can not find out, the only way they can find out is if someone shows them your profile.But if that doesn't happen it will just look like you have removed your profile f... Read More »

How to Know If Someone Blocked a Person on Facebook Without Your Permission?

Facebook lets you contact others by searching their name or email. Once you've friended someone, you can post on their wall and view their photos. However, even before someone accepts a friend requ... Read More »